Think before doing

Funny things can happen when a brief comes into an agency.

Some get all excited, put everyone including the agency dog on it and rush into doing stuff. It’s not practical and usually not a good use of the client’s money.

At Novo, before we do anything, we think. About what the brief actually needs and what the best approach is. Then we assemble our team accordingly with just the right mix of creatives, strategists, copy writers, web developers and media buyers.

And while they do their magic, our account directors, studio managers and administrators cajole and coax to be sure everything stays on-brief and within budget.

We think that is why clients choose us.

Think about the ‘why’

Everyone is in business to succeed.

And that comes much easier when you know why you exist.

At Novo, we’re seasoned experts in helping you find your ‘why’. And once that all-important discovery has been made, we really flex our strategic muscles.

And then we bring that strategy to life visually through beautifully-crafted copy, spectacular design and innovative ideas. We find the best possible way to share that with the right audience, through the right channels. Our clients can see we really ‘get’ their business and so can everyone who sees our work.

After all, great creative falls out of great strategy (i.e. knowing exactly why you’re doing it). And out of that falls great success for our clients.

That’s what we think, anyway.

Like what you see?

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Welcome to Novo, a full service creative agency.

We specialise in bringing brands to life through robust strategy and spectacular visual design. We work as much in the development of new brands as we do reinvigorating those already established.

As a medium-sized agency, we are nimble and able to respond quickly to our clients’ needs. We like working this way; we share the passion our clients have for their brands and it allows us to be fully immersed in their businesses.

We have offices in Christchurch and Auckland and partner with clients of all sizes from a variety of different industries at a local, national and international level. Whether you’re a small, owner-operated brand or a large entity, our knowledge and expertise is applied with the same consideration and care to ensure the very best outcome.

What we do

A summary of our core capabilities is below. This list isn’t exhaustive – if you’re looking for expertise in an area not noted, please give us a call. Chances are, we can help.

Marketing / Strategy

  • Brand and marketing strategy
  • Research and market segmentation
  • Company culture and employer brand strategy
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Audience profiling and persona development
  • PR and communications strategy and planning
  • Social media strategy and planning
  • Bespoke consultancy
  • Campaign development


  • Website and app development
  • Online advertising
  • eDM
  • Video
  • Animation
  • Document templates


  • Full brand platform creation
  • Logo development
  • Advertising
  • Collateral
  • Illustration
  • Direct mail
  • Packaging
  • Website
  • Signage and outdoor

Other services

  • Copy writing (corporate and creative)
  • Photography
  • Event management / promotions
  • Media buying
  • Film / radio production
  • Print production
  • Spatial design and consultancy